The Great Boobies Adventure on HRT


(07-01-2023, 08:00 PM)Johanez Wrote:  
(07-01-2023, 07:30 PM)BigBoobieBen Wrote:  Very nice breasts. They look very shapely and perky

Thankies, Ben! I am very happy with my progress so far... Hopefully, there will be several more cup sizes before my development is finished.
Well if lotus is any indication of what can be achieved then there should be no problem achieving your goal given enough time

Good Morning Ladies!

Just a quick update while I am doing my pumping routine... or as alot of you call it - Noogling. My breasts always feel quite full after the 1st 30 mins, but they also seem to feel alot fuller after I do the full routine. My pumping routine is a total of 2-1/2 hours and I just love the effect. I have noticed that I am starting to fill a C-cup nicely, but I still wear my B-cup as I find the cleavage rather naughty, specially when I wear a low cut top... hehehe.

I've noticed my areola have started to increase in diameter around my nipples... we at least I think so... or maybe a bit of wishful thinking? lol...

Anyway, just a quick update... nothing much going on.

L8rs! Jo.

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