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Hi!  I developed "moobs" in puberty.  For a long time it was embarrassing.  Shirts vs Skins in teen sports was terrible!  That was long ago however.  I was married for more that 45 years.  The first marriage ended in divorce after 32 years.  The second ended after 10 years--she was a cancer survivor when we met and passed away about 15 years later.  So I have been without a woman in my life for more than 8 years and don't anticipate that will change.  Several years ago I discovered Breastnexus/Breastnexum.  I became fascinated by breast growth and started down the journey that so many of us are on.  Know I really enjoy having breasts and wearing bras.  I have not interest in transitioning but I am increasingly exploring private crossdressing.  Enjoy the journey.  BillieJean.

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I was not pleased when my breasts first started to grow. As they got bigger I became obsessed with them.  Stimulating my nipples gives me an endorphin high which only enhances my sex life. I only hope they continue to grow.

I married 2 different bisexual women. They like my breasts an fem self

My mother used to say that if men had breasts, they'd never leave the house, so I decided to prove her wrong. 

Joking aside, there's no single reason.   My original idea was sparked by accident.   I didn't even know I wanted them until I had mild swelling from something else completely.   Seeing that made me happy and made me realize what I was missing in my life.

I always wanted to be a girl as long as I can remember. I buried the feelings my whole life. I started to realize that I was living my life to make everyone else happy. I am not out and about as a woman, but some trusted family knows. I am still trying to figure out my transition. I remember as a child wanting breasts like the girls and grown up women. I wanted to wear bras and lingerie. I would pinch and pull my nipples hoping they would grow. As I got older and discovered crossdressing, I saw breast forms in catalogs. I was always turned off by them. They could look nice, but there is no feeling in them. I wanted my own. I would read everything that I could find about people who were having sex changes. I experimented with some herbs long ago, there was a tea you could buy called mother's milk. It had blessed thistle in it. I never had any real growth until I started reading about breast enlargement herbs. So here I am. I have let my hair grow and pierced my ears. And I have nice small boobs. And I am happy about it.

And why breasts? They are ultimate in femininity. Having them makes me feel complete. They also give me a spiritual type feeling, like being one with mother nature.

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