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Excited to be taking the plunge

(13-01-2022, 08:51 PM)JustAbbey Wrote: Welcome! Glad to hear you found us ? 

So, a couple of thoughts. It’s worth thinking about breast growth and overall body feminization as two separate goals. PM and FG, etc, will work well triggering breast growth in some (to varying degrees), but won’t do very much for other changes. That’s because a lot of the androgenic changes we associate with men are due to testosterone either suppressing (like in the amount of fat in the face, hips, etc) or accentuating (like muscle growth, belly fat, etc) different characteristics. Most of the herbs here are weak anti-androgens or estrogen analogs, but aside from triggering breast growth just aren’t strong enough to really overcome your natural hormone balance. So, be realistic with the types of changes you’ll be able to see, and maybe look at other approaches to achieving your desired body image. A good weight loss plan and waist trainer can do much more for your waist than PM/GF/RR ever will (I went from a 32” to 26” waist while maintaining 36” hips with just diet and waist training).

I hope this is helpful! Best of luck on your journey!

Thank you JustAbbey.  I can totally see your point there and it makes perfect sense.  I do go to the gym and do BodyCombat, but it's only once a week so I'm going to increase the amount of exercise I do (but not overdo it) and make subtle changes to my diet too, see if I can't get my waist right down.  I've also ordered some PM capsules from a UK supplier and will see how I react to those before starting on them properly and go from there.

Thank you all for your comments, you've all been so helpful.


After all your excellent advice, I've had my first bottle of PM caps delivered today.  I got them from Purafem as they are a UK supplier.  Each cap is 350mg of PM so I've taken one just to make sure I don't have side effects along with a calcium and vitamin D3 tablet.  I've also measured my chest to see what I started with and I've been going to the gym too.  I'll start slowly with the PM then increase the dosage gradually.


Oh good for you! good luck


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