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Can I Remove Posted Quotes? - Ouch!


I sometimes find the the excess quotes are an inconvenience but I'm able to ignore them. On the other hand, some people are incapable of stepping on a sidewalk crack without experience what feels like physical pain. It sounds like this situation (the quotes) is a similar challenge for you.

As a therapist friend might tell me: this might be a good opportunity for you to work through this issue.

I wish you well.

I’m having trouble setting up my contact info and can’t get any help.  What is the other forum you are referring to.


I have to agree with Demanton. The endless quoting is exasperating. People just don't get it and likely never will.
DO NOT click "reply" unless you need the clarity of quoting the entire post for your answer to make sense. 
Just click "New Reply" to make your comment. Please!

I would bet that the forum would take up 90% less server space if people followed this procedure.

And another thing... I asked for a field to be added to the avatar to indicate which Country or Continent the member resides in.
Many responses make this important to know, in order to give correct advice. Country is important.
However, my request was refused, saying that I could just click on their name to look it up. Thanks.
Every other forum I have ever been on has this field. IDK, maybe these changes are very difficult or expensive to make once everything is set.


Thanks Karen,

Thank you for bringing to my attention the differences between reply and new reply.  This is what we new people need to know.  I did not grow up with computers and really struggle with them which causes lots of stress.


Shop for herbs and other supplements on Amazon

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Shop for herbs and other supplements on Amazon

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