Bras or not?


(30-08-2020, 04:24 PM)flamesabers Wrote:  I'm in agreement with Shaneny. When I'm wearing a properly fitting bra, my breast development is much more obvious. While we haven't been socially conditioned to wear bras like women have been, that doesn't mean we can't benefit from wearing one, especially as our boobs start to bounce about when left unsupported.

Yep, I agree  with Shaneny and flame, it does become unnoticeable  once you get used to them....until a strap slips down in the supernarket and you have to do that sureptitious 'hand down the front' to hoik it back up! Big Grin Big Grin

I'm new to this website but the reason I registered is simply because I've been so enjoying putting on a brassiere in the morning, then spending at least part of the day marveling at the full, firm breasts filling that brassiere.  This afternoon I took delivery on another one, a dark blue brassiere of the same style and size as three others I've bought over the last month.  I found a style I like... underwire, unpadded.  Actually it is called a minimizer but that is less important that the fact it is lusciously smooth and holds my breasts.  I've spent decades without wearing a brassiere, my slightly enlarged breasts hidden in a tee shirt or turtleneck with an over shirt covering them.  It worked well, but, wearing a brassiere is so much more delicious.  It is erotic to feel breasts held in a brassiere, to caress them during the day.  I seldom go out with a brassiere but who knows when that will change.  It is so sexy.


(03-06-2020, 02:04 AM)WendyA Wrote:  I haven't considered using a bra in the past.  But that may change now that my rather large nipples are constantly poking out the front of all of my summer shirts.  I recently purchased a couple of t-shirt bras (42C) that are slightly too big.  Tomorrow I have a couple 42B bras coming in.  If they fit I might use them to cover up.  But at this point I think I might just let them continue to poke out.  No one cares.

This is exactly my worry.  I am excited to keep growing but I am afraid about not being able to hide them.  How did the 42b's turn out?


I love wear bra because it's very comfortable and lovely feeling. I wear bra at home or at the outside during winte/autumn. I love drive car and wear bra. I have full 40 C Cup and I should wear a bra everyday I think

I've worn bras on and off for years. I have 3 left that fit. I have gained a bit of weight and my breasts have gotten bigger. One is now just too small. It's an A cup and while my tits aren't overflowing, I have outgrown it. The other is a cutout bra that I made. There are no cups, so size isn't a problem. Just not as much under lift anymore. The third is my fave, and is a shelf bra. The issue is the underwire on one side has poked thru the fabric, and it's sharp. I've tried folding the edge fabric over pointy wire and taping it, and that works for a while. Sigh, it's time for some new bras. I'd like another shelf bra or two. Also like to try a Wonderbra. Any suggestions?

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