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pics not attatching
Since some people still have troubles attaching pictures because they can't resize them on their phones or computers, I made a very stupid tool to resize them to an acceptable width, height, and weight for the use on this site.


The tool will accept any JPG image (below 10MB) and resize it to 800x600 pixels, at 90% quality, that will weight about 200KB. There are no option to change the width, height, or quality of the output, and I've done that on purpose to help those people that have zero tech knowledge.

Simply click on the "chose file" button, choose your image, hit the resize button, download the result, and use that image on this forum.

Hope it helps.

P.s. Don't forget that some themes on this forum have troubles with file uploads.
If th eimage upload still doesn't work, go to User Control Panel (User CP) >> My Profile >> Edit Options >> Other Options >> Board Style
and choose a theme other than "Mod Blue" or "Mod Rose".

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