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Addictiveness and physical "high" from PM
I found the addiction hit when trying to stop.
I was taking @ 2000mg a day I dropped off to try and stop, and ended up in a depression.
I've always felt the addiction wasn't to PM or BO, but the thought of your body changing. It's seeing pictures of other posters successes and then starting to feel and see changes to yourself and being like holy crap this is real it does work. That's what always brings me back to it, I'll go through the threads or trans on reddit and be like shit I really want this again. It's certainly let me to a point where I have noticeable breasts in pretty much everything I wear and that haven't gone away with a lengthy break and losing weight. 

So yea the addiction to wanting to see our bodies change, but then also realizing they did change and we're stuck with those changes the rest of our lives. I still could see myself going back to hormones in my future if things don't go a certain way, we'll see, certainly not a young lady anymore.

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