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Mmm so tempted by noogleberry......

Hey, I'm back,

I was last here around April, but I lost the name of this site, forgot my login info etc. But I got here finally.

Anyway my introduction post was sharing my experience with breast vacuum pumping. I said I was a B cup at the time, that was April and I was thrilled with that result. Well with daily pumping I went to a C cup by end of July mid August. 
I was maxed out with the standard cylinders and ordered a much larger set from England of all places. 
After 4 weeks of using the new larger cylinders I am now into a D cup!
I still shrink down a size if I miss a days pumping sessions, but I shrink only to a C.
So far I've only committed to two d cup bras, but my B cup bras are in the back of my drawer now. I've outgrown them.
This means its working.  Rolleyes" alt="Rolleyes" title="Rolleyes">

So, noogleberry away and testify!

I hope I don't lose this place again. 
Looking forward to hearing more about being "so tempted by noogleberry. 

(10-12-2019, 09:18 PM)MeganJ Wrote: Well here's a last picture before I start pumping/noogling regularly it's also on my progress thread but thought I'd stick it here as well!



wow Megan, you have beautiful breasts right now. Why bother pumping. Surely you present female now- you couldn't possib;y hide those beauties

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