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Bev's Program
Hi all,

Just a quick update. My boobs are getting more defined and softer, nipples are still relatively the same size, but super sensitive. I also notice that my arms are changing and are becoming less defined and softer in appearance, so is my face and my upper body. Love all of it!

However the one thing aspect of HRT that has become more interesting to me than everything else . . . . . is my butt, and hip development. ALL of my clothes are feeling different now. I bought 4 new stretch denims last week, and they just fit super sexy and I feel my butt and hips move differently when I walk. This has caught me by surprise, since I never knew how good it would feel to walk around when you have a bigger butt and wider hips and you feel the extra fat shifting around with every step. It is such a sensual feminine feeling.

And when I take a shower every night I can actually take a butt cheek in every hand and shake them around. There is just so much more to grab now. Are the best parts still coming?????? Tongue

Anyway, enjoy the weekend



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