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(26-01-2019, 08:19 AM)kimi9r Wrote:
(26-01-2019, 07:21 AM)Aria Wrote: Sorry Kimi, I couldn't read your post.  Black on black is very poor contrast.   Big Grin

Hmm not sure why - just edited it, is that any better ?

Yes, Thanks and sorry Kimi. It might well be the theme I picked before my cataract operations. Anyways, I somewhat agree with your thoughts..... after reading it. But, it's always nice to have your other half sort of encourage and stand behind you in whatever decision. It just makes the home life a better sanctuary at the end of a day.
(26-01-2019, 04:53 PM)Stevenator Wrote: Is what any better?

Seems I'd picked up some html font crap somewhere and included that in the post which screwed up how it was displayed - it looked OK to me when I previewed it, but it appears that my reply wasn't viewable by some (also did the same thing in another post which I corrected at the same time). Anyhoo, removed the html stuff, and I think hopefully it's sorted.

Aria - agree completely. At time of writing, I'm still very closeted, sadly, that's my choice, for a whole variety of reasons, and I'm OK with that, but that doesn't stop me being envious of those that have the ability, or are given the opportunity, to more fully discover their true self.

I really hope it works out well, for both of you.

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