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Autogynephilia Discussed
I certainly would describe myself as an autogynephile
Thoughts of being a woman excites me no end 
Am I a crossdresser , nope
Hardly ever

Yes I climax as a woman and thinking of being a woman , oh gosh yes
Do I climax as a man, oh gosh yes

It’s purely sexual for me

And yes many people who are agp transition, just to shut the feelings up


Why do we have to classify ourselves or say we have a disorder of some sort? 
I'm me that's it !.  I'm not going to classify myself to make myself or anybody else feel better. 
We complain about not being treated as fairly or as equals to alot people or groups.But we don't give ourselves the chance to be equal because we try to put ourselves in a category thinking " well its not my fault because of this or that" .
We are all just people with all kinds of different little quirks. I'm no better than anyone else  and nobody is better than me.
I don't think of it as a disorder. But it is a preference or state of mind. And it's comforting to know that (a) there's a name for it and (b) that other people share it. In particular, it's extremely comforting to be able to communicate with people here that think it's ok and those that share my feelings about it.
I find it interesting that autogynephilia is a thing that needed a name.  It is good to know what category I'm in.  It would otherwise be kind of useless not to be able to name a shared interest. 

I think attempts to consider it a disorder are absurd.  What could be more natural than adoring the female form?
I think that what I wrote was taken out of context. I didn't mean that we have a disorder persay I was trying to get a point across about letting other people may be even those that consider themselves "normal" categorize me in a class or give a definition to me.
Sometimes they have to give a reason for why you are the way you are to make themselves feel better or to help them grasp a concept.why can't I be me and you be you with out a class 
I think once you are categorized you seem to be marked for life no matter what one you fall into and by whom put you there
I'm sorry if my thinking has started a bad vibe but it was not my intention
I completely dislike that term, which is often used to spread hate and discrimination. I believe that any way you can add joy to your life without harming anyone is healthy and to be encouraged, not negatively labeled. Many people find stimulation in dressing a certain way. It's simply one of many sexual minorities. You seldom hear such clinical labels put on people stimulated by being in the presence of someone of the same gender. The only difference is that those people have gained more social acceptance. Instead of labeling yourself with some antiquated psychiatric term, wear your distinctiveness proudly. It's just who you are.
Totally agree Wannabe

I may be agp , maybe not

certainly not ashamed of it



@wannabe I don't think that the existence of a term means that people are labelled with it.
From Greek "gyne" means woman, "philia" means to like, and "auto" means self. That word is just a useful short hand term for "Those who like themselves as women". It doesn't carry a stigma unless you want it to.
I am a mildly autogynephile gynephile cisgender heterosexual male crossdrsser. I don't wear a tag with this definition written on it but I don't feel myself accused of anything if someone recognises that one of those words describes me.

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