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What's After Breast Buds? +Methods of Concealment?
I got breast buds within the first few months, but now it's been 6 months and I can't tell if I've made much progress. I'm 35 lbs overweight so I can't tell if I have man boobs or real boobs.

Also, it seems like the size and hardness of the BBs fluctuates. Is this normal is it possible that the amount of estrogen I'm absorbing decreases at certain times? I'm on a 1/week patch. Now I'm taking 2 patches so I could do a new one every 3.5 days rather than 2 new patches once per week.

I'm also wondering what people do to conceal them (if you haven't transitioned). My nipples and lumps are showing through my shirts now. I don't mind, but I'm concerned about negative responses from others.
Nightshade, do not worry, most if not all will say nothing. Even went so far as swimming in public pool and know they could see my breasts bobbing in the water. Even if they do happed to notice, just smile.

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