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Myth of the Transsexual “a” cup
(10-05-2018, 07:26 AM)Katie Wrote: When I was out shopping yesterday I noticed that although it was a lovely sunny day, everywhere I went I was the only girl wearing a skirt!? I wondered why this was. My wife being quite the pragmatist said because whearing a skirt your legs rub together and they chafe and get sore, now there Is and increase in obesity and general size of the population in western society so i expect this does play a part in the choice not to wear certain items anymore.

what`s this got to do with boobs?
we`ll I have also noticed that a LOT of trans Women are Very diet conscious and seeking to modify their body through this.
but on Here, with many undecideds and Masculine identified people (and a few girls that don`t give a damn), there isn`t as much pressure on us to diet or see our bodies in this way, so we just eat as normal.
I for one have never eaten so much crap since I started HRT! Diet has not really entered my head.

So I`m wondering if there was Never any need for the trans A cup myth if people just ate what they wanted, like I think most of us on here do (we don`t have many Diet threads here do we!?).

I suspect as significant part of the problem is probably something simple like dieting (or Not in our case).

Definitely have gained weight while taking PM , WP and Reishi. Probably gained 15lbs? I always want to be eating something all the time! And I'm a solid B cup, edging toward a C. I guess if both my boobs were the same size , I would be wearing a C cup......Showing more love to the Left side to try to even out the girls!
I'm pretty sure if I lost 10 lbs I'd still be a B as my boobs are pretty solid.
Hi read much and studied even more about it all and read much of the bunkem and myths about nothing and small breasts yet each person is different.
We all respond differently to likes of hormones moe so if had any growth at puberty as makes M suseptable to hormone changes.
Ive plenty of growth even T gave me growth! and had a visit to a shop got an invite by lady there to pop over didn't have any in my back size but checked my Primadonna Madison and yes a 44I cup was a good fit! lol Big Grin i was a 46D few years back now 42G/44F plus in many UK as bra dependant but Elomi/Goddess are a constant sizing guide.
The scarcity of diet threads baffles me, if this were a TG centric site.


It seems this is predominantly a breast-growth and anything that enlarges them site.

Personally, it has been getting slim that has released my inner girl.  And, for me, reshaping overall form seems more feminizing than boobs alone.
My thoughts are maybe we as a group are in general more mature. We are all mostly from the same generation or real close.
We have raised our families, have or had a secure job and are financially secure to what ever extent. When we were younger we never dared doing anything remotely close to what we are doing today. It was unheard of and never to be spoken of.
So we have accepted the fact that we are never going to be a runway model and this is who we are  .yes we will tweek our bodies and looks to the best of abilities, but we are more realistic and less superficial than those of a younger generation. We are who we are , if you don't like it f*** off  !
Yep - true statements, for me as well.  61 years of time spent, becoming myself.
2 1/2 years on pm took me to a b cup.  after adding progesterone cream it took me to a c cup really fast.  ( thanks Lotus  Big Grin)
(09-05-2018, 03:36 PM)spoked451 Wrote:
(27-01-2018, 04:04 PM)Jennipher Wrote: 2. Moreover, during pubertal induction in girls, early administration of progesterone is not recommended as premature initiation of progestin therapy can compromise ultimate breast growth 
Confirms waiting on any inclusion of progesterone in a program.


Okay, now I have to go do some research as to when cisfemales start producing estrogen and progesterone. I think it's safe to say the former precedes the latter, but by how much? Come to think of it, what's the ramp on both, in general that is?

My 100% not based on research gut feeling is that mimicking the female cycle isn't to help us, rather it's all that the medical professionals understand, so they just kinda go with it.

On the other hand I don't want to be anyone experiment, well except my own.

Well since girls don't typically reach menarche (first menstruation) until two years after puberty starts, I'd say 2 years because if I'm not mistaken CISfemales need progesterone to have a monthly cycle. That doesn't mean there aren't exceptions, but still doesn't sound like bad advice either way. [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menarche][/url]

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