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So what gives Boobs away ?
(26-01-2018, 08:45 AM)julieTG Wrote: Pansy

Seriously ?????


Proves the point I think.

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OMG! what happened to your face!!??? Huh 

I guess that what happens when you go for Laser treatment and don`t specify HAIR ONLY!   Big Grin 

sorry, I love ya really Tongue  xx

I believed you


Just find it amazing


Katie Big Grin Big Grin 

Actually, I love getting to the pool depth which is just at my shoulders and gently bobbing up and down. Gives an amazing feeling as the boobs move independantly!!!!
(25-01-2018, 11:44 PM)VergeOfDiscovery Wrote: Permanently erect nipples definitely draw additional attention and likely lead some that notice to ponder whether there's more than just man boobs going on.

Personally, I find the latter a turn on.

Hi. My nipples are also sticking out and so erect I could punch a hole in a wooden door. But haven't had even one comment, not even at work.
One day I was wearing a tshirt that were a little too tight after washing, and said "damn its cold today" and that didn't even spark off just one comment.

But as the girls get bigger, it'll be fun to see if there will be remarks, or they just think I have perky man boobs.. Rolleyes

Hi from Jonnie
In my case, it's when I don't wear any bra at all.  I can dress the same way, ya know Male Mode, and no one gives me a 2nd look when I have a bra on...  Bet let me NOT wear a bra, man, you can see peeps heads swivel and lear at me.    Angry
Hi aria
Is it the movement that gives it away or shape or ?

(06-07-2018, 06:44 PM)julieTG Wrote: Hi aria
Is it the movement that gives it away or shape or ?


Not really sure.   Could be all of the above.  Sometimes if I wear patterns I can still pull it off.  But then, only if my nipples don't give me away....   So, I have just resigned myself into not caring.   I do laugh at some of the reactions though.
I stand by my earlier post .. However ..
I no longer wear baggy shirts at work, with this summer being warmer than normal i have been walking around my place of work with my coveralls tied around my waist.
Given the fact i always wear a slightly padded sports bra, i was expecting a reaction. Nothing.. The few girls that I have told did mention i was playing with fire, but nothing from anyone that doesnt know.

However .. Last week I went to a fish and chip restaurant to pick up a take out, in male mode,& a normal Tshirt. Whilst sitting in the waiting area, in view of the eating area I had one lady who could not keep hey eyes off my chest. Now granted I was wearing one of my favourite padded/pushup sports bra, but come on ..
I felt like asking her if she would like a picture ..lol
Ya Janet, it's sort of weird how you can wear the same type of outfit 3 days in a row, and get totally different reactions.

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