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Fellow NBEer needs financial advice
Re: I'm simply looking for ways to earn side-cash online to finance my NB

Affiliate marketing. There are several approaches to take and one is to simply take something you have some interest and expertise in and write about it online (blog) and monetize the content with ads/links to related items for sale.

Another example, even someone like http://www.ainterolherbs.com/ and those that sell Ainterol on eBay are affiliates for that product and make a commission every time they sell some.
For what is with, Sister Gamer, have you ever considered that your very identity is your solution?

I make about $400 a month using Twitch.  I play video games, and get paid commission based on the size of my audience.  I'm sure some of them are privy guys who just want to oggle me, but most are good people.   It's not a lot, but it covers the cost of my feminizing, internet, and has enough left over to get 1-2 new games. 

Imagine how those pervs would react if they knew...

And no, I'm not giving out my twitch channel.  Just like Pom earlier, I like keeping some kind of anonymity.

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