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Hi, Hello! I'm Mel , and I have been following these posts for many years. I was also taking before P.M. 2 times before with higher doses, but both times I stopped because I felt the distribution of body fat was not even.

However, 6 months ago, after taking a break for several months, I started again and this time only with 500 mg of PM and 500 mg of Saw Palmetoo daily.

I'm so happy with the changes I'm having that I can't stop the urge to share this experience with you who are also interested in the same product. I must add that I am also listening to MTF subliminal audios, which I think also contribute to their own.

Sometimes I have felt the need to increase the dose, and also to stop again, but I have kept the minimum of 500 mg daily without a break, with some short periods of 1000 mg of both capsules, PM and SP. Although I have not yet been able to accurately identify the reason for this need, I suspect that it could be, according to my own observation, that they have been in moments of extra emotional charge.

What changes am I feeling so far:

First it started with a mental change, then smoothness of skin, hair, general body posture including a little more fat in breasts and butts, manner of speaking, and interests or hobbies.

Thanks once again to everyone on the forum. I have been reading them for a long time, but today perhaps you will read me.


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It's always good to see that someone is happy with themselves!
Remember to take pictures regularly. Not to post them here, if you don't want to, but to keep a journal of where you are coming from and where you are going.
You will notice your changes before anyone else does, so the camera will always function as a 3rd eye that you can use to gauge how visible your changes are from a different perspective.

Good luck and happy growing!
(19-03-2023, 12:53 PM)Shirazmn Wrote: [ -> ]I have to say that I recently got a new ID because the one I had expired and there is a big difference with this photo and the one from 10 years ago.

I have been taking 500 mg of P.M and 500 mg Saw Palmetto daily for 10 months, I think that the S.P. My libido increased a lot, so when I finish these bottles I would like to replace them with another anti-testosterone.

I am very happy with the results with this dose, I have no intention of speeding up and since I am already 47 years old I am taking things easy
I would like to add some dates so this post also serves as a diary,

I started PM on September 24 2022 regularly every day with 500 mg
on December 29th 2022 I added SP 500 per day,
almost always before going to sleep.

Yesterday, October 30 2023, i started taking 1000 PM per day and 1000 mg of SP per day

I already ordered FG and when I arrived I took maybe 1 capsule per day.

thanks for the future advice and opinions

PM Pueraria Mirifica
SP Saw Palmeto
FG Fenugreek

PD I would like to by red reishi or white peony, but i couln't yet-. maybe in the future
1, September 24 2022 :  PM 500 mg / day2. 

2.  December 29th 2022 :  PM 500 mg / day    AND       SP 500 mg / day

3. October 30, 2023:        PM 1000 mg / day   AND        SP 1000 mg / day

4. November, 27, 2023 :    PM 2000 mg /day
                                           SP 1000 mg / day
                                           FG 500 mg / day

PM pueraria mirifica
SP saw palmeto
FG fenugreak

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I think you shouldn’t mix PM and FG together. I read that Phytoestrogens will compete for E receptors.
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So I can take FG instead of PM ?