Breast Growth For Genetic Males

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Having been off PM for the last six weeks I started again two days ago. I am taking 1000mg twice daily. Today the good feelings have arrived. My breasts are definitely fuller and tingling and my nipples are as erect as happy little soldiers !! Bliss. I think this break regimen definitely helps. Does anyone else have similar experience ?
how long and how much had you been taking PM before the break?
It varied between 2000 & 3000 mg/day, mainly if I was able to take a dose at mid-day made the difference between the daily amounts. My last time on PM was for 3 months continuously, although I have taken it sposmatically for about 2 years.
Gins dear sister,

First of all welcome back to PM. I have asked many times if taking a break does help.
Experts say that it definitely works where your oestrogen levels are currently at a standoff ( oestrogen dominant )and you are not growing.
I have contemplated this myself but held off whilst I still have the signs ( tenderness, breast pain etc ) but as a biological male I know I have to be patient.


I've stopped to because of erections problems and pleasing my wife. After about two weeks off pm I have erections back but miss the hard "golf ball" under my nipples. I'll go back on pm now and experiment t maintain erections to please my mife while at the same time develop my breasts. I'm currently an a after 3 months of pm and maybe go towards a b. Hope I can stop there or my wife may notice. PM and men growinfg breasts is certainly addictive.