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Katies Skin Care routine ❤️
(6 hours ago)julieTG Wrote: Hi Kate

I can think of something very natural thats incredibly good for skin complexion, has plenty of Zinc
but you would sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slap me




OMFG! Dodgy 

as much as us girls are into all sorts of things good for our skin, I Refuse to "take one for the team!"

you just wait untill I see you! you`re owed quite a few slaps already!
You are quite right to say that even guys may be interested in skin care.  I'll never be a gurl, as far as I can notice, but certainly do have my own particular feminization interests.  I've gotten my feminine waist and bubble butt, and pecs will suffice for my upstairs aesthetics.  I'm told my complexion is great, and am nearly free of any fine facial lines.. 

However - 
The sags in my face somewhat spoil the overall youthful effect.  Losing 20 labs. of flab will tend to do that, I realize.  But, does your skin care magic run to techniques for plumping out?  I understand that facial skin does grow in surface area the older you get, but it sure would be nice if there were some non-surgical way to fill out a face, to eliminate its tendency to sag.  Or, does one settle for "tightening up" techniques (barring temporary ones, like Preparation-H)?  I do use topical peptides for increasing facial collagen production.  I also use 15 grams per day of vitamin C, along with L-Lysine and Proline, so I should be good with overall collagen synthesis.  But, do you know of anything that might augment subcutaneous facial fat?  I've wondered if facially applied estriol might do the trick (weak estrogen to minimize effects of the more potent estrogens).

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