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Prequel: Why I Chose Feminization


I thought it would be good to give you some backstory on myself and why, like you, I am drawn to feminization. My previous post “My Story: Herbal Breast Growth and More!” describes my current progress. But you may ask what led me to pursue this path.

Even as a child, I was always thin and underdeveloped for a male. When I was 8 I had to have an operation on my penis because the hole was too small—something about the penis wasn't formed correctly. Growing up I was always far behind my peers in physical maturity. I didn't play sports (I was told, among other things, that I “Throw like a girl.”) In high school I was placed in a special gym class with other students who had physical limitations.

Puberty came late, but around the same time I became anorexic (not wanting to eat, fear of eating) and became even thinner still—at one point I was 5'10” and weighed only 93 lbs. The anorexia probably further stifled my development of mature male characteristics. I eventually got over that, and have gained 50 lbs. since then, 20 of them within the last year when I started MTF natural HRT.

I am agoraphobic so I don't travel far from home. A lot of things “normal” people do routinely are too hard for me to do. I have only worked part-time, but now with my self-pampering, full-time feminization routine, having an actual job is pretty much out of the question.

The good part is that all those “hard years” plus certain genetics have produced a male body that is almost ideal for feminization;  being thin, frail, narrow-shouldered, and not abundantly masculine to begin with. Going from MTF is not that 'big a leap' for me. The natural hormone therapy I have been doing has improved my health in many ways. I love my new feminine curves and fat distribution, my so-soft skin, my new breasts (still small, but real and growing!), my new erogenous zones and female libido—Mmmm, mmmmm! I just love femininity and feeling female! Heart

I am also a Major Empath and a true Pisces, with all the classical characteristics of that Sign.

I am writing this because I know there are people out there—trans people, gay people, gender fluid people—who may share some of the bewildering experiences I have had. I want them to know that I have been there too. Don't let the world push you around and tell you that you're “wrong”. Know that you are greatly loved! If your highest excitement is becoming feminine or female, then go for it! That's what I am doing.

I love you all! Hug

-Graceful Curves (A name I picked for myself!)


Hi Graceful,

Thank you for sharing. I have always been drawn to femininity. My family forced toxic masculinity down my throat. My intuition as a child told me that it so wrong, but to survive I had to play along. Over the last few years I have been trying to break free from all that past programming. Altho my work and some family members engage in hate talk, I try to ignore it as they are wounded and weak in their minds. 

Best to you on your journey!


Don’t let your family and friends negativity get in your head.  Stay strong in your beliefs and this will work out to your advantage.



You be you. Can’t worry about what anyone may think

I sure try but I can still feel their eyes on me. I know they are watching.? I know I shouldn’t care and I’m working on that mindset, in time I will master that also.?


Is it my imagination or am I really, actually turning into a girl? Kiss  My body looks and feels more like a girl all the time! Heart

Last night I thought I noticed more breast growth, and sure enough I can now definitely see underboob "creases" and a fuller shape than I ever had before!  My nipples also stick out more, especially if they're cold or sexually aroused.  Wink

I know that compared to others on this site, my breasts and nipples are still rather small.  However, I'm also a lot thinner than most people on here.  As I mentioned above, after my anorexia was winding down and before I started my natural MTF HRT, my chest was flat as a board!  Now I have these things!  It's exciting to dream about how big they might become!

What do you think?  It's hard to believe this is really happening! Big Grin


Hi Graceful curves,
Your femininity is progressing nicely. Are you taking BO, PM or on HRT? Regardless, if feminization is the result you are looking for, keep doing what you're doing,looking good.

I've been using a combination of PM cream from Thailand, Fennel/Fenugreek cream, and Progesterone cream.  Also hot lavender baths and a few other things.  I describe this on the first pages of "My Story:  Herbal Breast Growth and More!" 

For me, feminization is more than just visible body changes.  It also re-wires your brain, your nerve endings, even your very psyche to become more feminine.  It changes the way you feel.  I like the way it feels:  calm, sensual, dreamy, willing to relax and "go with the flow".  It changes your sexual response and opens up a whole new world. I personally love it, like I was "meant to be this way" but it was never possible before.

I wrote a poem about my journey to feminization:


I am . . .

Ruled by my Feelings and Emotions;

I trust . . .

My Intuition more than Logic;

I don't want . . .

To Chase. I want to Be Chased!

I feel . . .

Open, Receptive, Passive, Docile;

I seek . . .

Warmth, Pleasure, Comfort, Love;

Instead of Worldly Success.

I love . . .

Color, Beauty, Innocence, Peace . . . Myself.

. . . and it's Wonderful!

Picture of me:


You have a very feminine figure to start with --luck you --seeing some nice boogie development  are you wearing ng a wig or is that your natural hair  very sexy Heart

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