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I've Stopped Wearing Underpants


As my body has feminized and I've put on weight, I discovered that my underpants (men's briefs) no longer fit.  As you can see in the photo below, I now have a full, curvy butt and thighs.  Men's briefs will no longer do, and I didn't want to buy new ones.  So I tried not wearing any underpants at all!  At first it felt "airy and breezy" and like I was a little "vulnerable", but after a day or two I became completely used to it and now it feels natural!  It made me wonder why I spent most of my life wearing these stupid things.  They're actually not good for you because they restrict circulation and heat up your testicles which want to be cool.  I typically wear dress pants or khakis, not jeans because the denim is too rough on my sensitive skin.  I keep myself very clean and I haven't had any problems.  I have no plans to start wearing underpants again.

Maybe you should ditch your underpants too and see how it feels! Cool


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Shop for herbs and other supplements on Amazon

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