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My Story: Herbal Breast Growth and More!


Would you like to see my feet? Blush  As I mentioned before, I have been consuming Liquid Silica for a while now, and it even makes my toenails glassy-smooth and glistening!

My feet are small, narrow, and dainty--like a ballerina's!  It's hard to find men's shoes that fit properly--I have to use tongue pads and sole inserts.


My new hobby now that my body (and mind) is transforming from male to female is taking sexy "artistic nudes" of my feminizing body.  So what should I do--keep them to myself or share them with you? Heart  (See also "Prequel:  Why I Chose Feminization"





Oh my...definitely share more, you sweet girl.

My skin is very thin, fair, porcelain-white, and translucent in places.  You can see blue veins on my upper chest and down my upper arms.  I'm a Blue Blood!  "Careful--I bruise easily!" Wink


Very nice feminine figure, boob growth looks to be starting --any growth on your small frame will look great, your pictures are appreciated  Smile

Huck and Ninja,

I love your enthusiasm! Heart  I'm actually a very shy person Blush but can you handle three more?


Very nice set of pictures  are you  naturally hairless --your skin looks so smooth  Heart


You can see a little hair in the middle photo Wink .  A few months into my feminizing routine, I lost most of my body hair.  I don't shave my body because there's no need.  My T levels must be very low and the Pueraria Mirifica I'm using from Bangkok, Thailand must be very potent. 

And yes, my skin is very soft and smooth now, with female erogenous zones all over that love being caressed! Tongue  I only use Dove Lavender Beauty Bar in my bath (I'm a Dove Girl, LOL).  Sometimes I'll use a lavender froth bomb in the tub, or I'll cover myself in Lavender Oil (Lavender has phytoestrogens and is an aphrodisiac).  I use a loofah to scrub and exfoliate.

After my bath I'll lie in bed on my side, and I can feel my new boobs squishing together to form cleavage.  I cross my arms over my chest and massage my petite, delicate shoulders and neck and I feel so girrrrlllll-ly!!!  I caress my soft, curvy ass and it feels like I'm caressing the ass of a really hot girl!  (And the feeling of being felt is more powerful than doing the feeling!)  Then I'll lie on my back and caress my whole body with really soft pillows.  The area under my belly button, above my legs and to the side is really sensitive!  Also the inner part of my upper arms--super soft!  I can caress and massage my long sexy legs with my dainty ballerina feet.  My nipples get hard and . . .

My self-lovemaking sessions are now like a long symphony--slow parts and fast energetic parts, endless variation, vivid fantasy, with a finale you wouldn't believe!  I'd love to tell you more, but I need your help to overcome my shyness. Blush  I can tell you that exploring, satisfying, and fulfilling my new female sexual urges takes up a large part of my days or nights.  I guess my body now thinks she's an adolescent girl going through puberty.  When I lie on my side and do swishing motions with my legs and abdomen against the sheets, I feel like a cat in heat!

Photo:  Me pleasuring myself with feathers after a hot lavender bath--"MMMmmmmmmm!" Tongue


. . .


I visited my mother and she said I look pregnant! Rolleyes  I guess feminine fat redistribution will do that . . . Heart


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