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Continued Journey with Gynecomastia



I just discovered this forum and have enjoyed reading many of the posts.

My journey started when I started developing breasts at 11 years old. It felt like they appeared almost overnight. I was very miserable as a teen with boobs. I actually spent every waking moment of my life trying to hide them.

While in college, I worked three jobs to save up for surgery. When I finally got rid of them I was elated. I was very flat and happy with the results. I started swimming and enjoying life more with the new confidence. Unfortunately I still hunch over - it’s hard to break a habit I began at 11.

I was perfectly flat until about a couple years ago when I realized my chest was looking puffy. It became evident that I was developing breasts. I tried a bra for the first time in my life. It was 34B. Trying a bra and realizing my breasts were growing set me on a path towards acceptance.

I only wear bras at home since I’m ashamed for anyone to know I wear one. I enjoy the feel of support. I just outgrew all my 34C bras but have a 36C bra that has a little room but fits ok.

I don’t really mind if anyone sees that I have breasts. I’m not going to worry about hiding them anymore. I’ve really enjoyed that they’re growing and hope they get fuller. I’m a fairly masculine guy and have no desire to be a woman. I’ve just started to enjoy my breasts.

My nipples are getting more sensitive but not as much as they were before surgery. I will try to attach some recent pics.

Looking forward to reading more posts here.


Trying to add pics

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What a relief to axcept that you are meant to have breasts. They look great!

Hi Huckleberrywine,

Thank you so much! It’s taken me years to love my breasts and my body certainly seems determined to grow them.


Very nice. You are blessed

it's good you have come to accept who you are breasts and all, surprising you had surgery  and your boobs grew back must say they're look great. Some People have all the luck  Smile

Thanks Beth and Ninja. I appreciate it.

No one was more surprised than me. I’ve heard stories of women who’ve had regrowth after reduction. It’s been years since I had surgery though. I think they left some of the glands - I feel something rubbery.

Nipples have been inverted since surgery. Boobs are big enough to hide the scars underneath though. They’ve changed in shape quite a bit since I first noticed bumps.

I really am starting to be proud of them especially after this latest growth spurt. I must admit I’m curious about trying some of the things on this site. I’ve started to want big breasts. Not sure where to start.

Your there. Just let it keep happening

They’ve grown steadily over the past couple years. I decided early on that I didn’t want to do surgery again. I had a bad reaction to an aromatase inhibitor so ended up just letting them grow. Curiosity has now gotten the better of me. I like how they’ve started developing and want them a little fuller. I got some supplements to try: a multi vitamin, collagen, and fenugreek. I read a lot about PM and BO on here but was nervous to try those. Has anyone has decent success with only fenugreek?

Hi Benusa,

Yes, Fenugreek really works if you have your Testosterone suppressed low enough.
Since you have Gyno, maybe you don't need an AA? I am not sure about that.

Most people need an Anti-Androgen, like Finasteride or an herbal such as Reishi Mushrooms to get their T level down.
If or when your T level is down, try a dose of Fenugreek around 1200 to 1500mg/day. 
Add 20mg of Progesterone and you should be all set.

Lotus Recommended Progesterone Cream (20mg/pump)

Karen  Heart

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