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BO and Pituitary Glandular


Hey everyone,

I recently switched from PM to BO. I now take just two capsules of BO and since this Monday one capsule of Pituitary Glandular. For my immunity and to raise my temperature a little, I take 2 caps of RR, one multivitamin, one fish oil and one milk thistle.

Basically, I feel quite comfortable with it, although it is still too early to make realistic conclusions about its effectiveness. If you want to know more about me, have a look at the "introduce yourself" thread, where I introduced myself a bit.

What I noticed was that the Pituitary Glandular had an immediate effect on me. I feel more "awake" and active with it and have the impression that I can even see better. Can that really be true? And can there be some negative long-term consequences of taking PG supplements?

It would be great if somebody has personal experience with it or knowledge about it.

I have been on Bovine ovary, Uterine and Pituitary supplements for a long time and can report that they work fantastically on me, but these clearly have some kind of grey area works or it doesn't kind of thing with them. Some people get nothing, some get something and few get lucky and get amazing changes. I've gotten very lucky as BO in particular has been magic on m. e

I haven't noted any ill effects, not even on highest recommended dose which is said to be optimal. Of course never overdoing any of it like crazy as that would be a waste. The best I can tell, it feels like BO + Uterine + Pit combo feels like its balancing my hormones in a way that conventional HRT can't do on its own. I do not know the science behind this as the science doesn't seem to exist. There's very little studies done on these things.

I've been on these for nearly two years now, took a break and went with BO only for some time and now I'm back with full combination with all three. Works like a charm and no negative health effects so I can say they're quite safe, at least on +2 year timeline of continous use. Likely you  have nothing to worry about, just keep doses within moderation. Smile

Hi Nadi,
I'm on HRT and been on BO & PG for a few weeks now. I think I'm one of the unlucky ones where BO/PG doesnt do anything. However, it has only been a few weeks. I'm upping my BO to 4-caps/day & PO to 2-caps/day so will see if that makes any difference.
I know they say taking kelp helps but I'm always warm, so maybe I don't need it, but others do say it helps.
The plan for me is to stick with it for 6-months, because as with all this stuff, it takes time and patience.
Good luck with your regime.

Dear Didi,
Thank you very much for your experiences and suggestions! I have been following your postings for some time now and am fascinated by you and your success. Above all, I am reassured that after all this time and despite the much higher dose, you have had no negative side effects.

Dear wee2er,
i think after a few weeks it is still too early to tell whether it is effective after a few weeks. Kelp is only necessary if the temperature is too low and I have read that you should also be careful with it.

I only take a very low dose and will only increase it slowly if necessary. My plan is to try it once for 3 months and then evaluate it.
Good luck for you too!

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