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(14-05-2024, 04:45 PM)KellyO Wrote:  Almost 4 months in, seeing some progress in mass, but hoping the underboob starts developing more. I'm taking 5 BO per day, 2 PG per day, 2 Saw Palmetto, and 4 Fenugreek per day, if anyone has any suggestions on how to increase underboob, I'd love to hear from you!

Great progress in such a short time bave you tried breast pumping have found that helps in under boob development and. breast massage --looking good girl Heart

I've tried the breast pumping in the past, but haven't used them since I've been on BO, I'm trying for the more natural look instead of the dreaded ring shape around my breasts... I'm not sure if a bioidentical progesterone cream could help???

How about massage I'm sure that would probably help (and its fun doing it LOL) 
Interesting regime, have you tried upping the BO slightly to 6/day (1500mg) which is said to be the optimum?
I've added bio-prog to my HRT//BO/PG regime to try and gain some fullness in my upper breast area and promote curves down below. I'm sure our sage Lotus has said applying it to specific areas can help.
That being the case you could try applying to only the underboob areas, just remember not to apply every day or cycle where you apply it - wrists, inner thighs, scrotum etc.
Good luck and keep up the progress Smile

I give them a warm massage each time I shower! I upped my dosage to 6/day last Friday, I'll see if I can achieve more growth, and I'm looking into some progesterone cream for more shape, thank you!

I've been on PG cream for about 2-weeks and mine definitely feel and look fuller!

What brand PG cream are you using is it easily available Smile

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