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High estrogen diet.


I was wondering if there would be any benefit in a high estrogen diet to stimulate breast growth?

Lot of the NBE supplements are basically food, stuff that is right there in things we eat, but obviously concentrated.... I think there's a whole lot of benefit to this, maybe not a dramatic night and day difference, but eating the right kind of foods will support estrogen dominance and healthy hormone balance so of course its a great idea. And then there are things that can drastically alter for example prolactin levels. Eat oats, barley and hops, those three are all breast food. Wink

I really love my oatmeal, oat + barley breads and very hoppy beer. ^_^

I’ll definitely second that, DiDi! My hobbies are brewing beer and baking bread!  Smile

Yep, the boob food. Wink Hops have some phytoestrogenic quality from what I understand, barley and oats are both great for boosting prolactin and helping with lactation. Especially oatmeal, oatbread, what ever that has the stuff is surprisingly effective. When I was doing most pumping, I always noted obvious rise in milk supply when ever I had more than one oatmeal a day. When I did three a day and some oat bread, it really pushed things forward day after. And oat is amazing stuff for energy, best breakfast item ever. Big Grin

Soy products are, in general, highly estrogenic. Soy milk and tofu are very easy to incorporate into you diet.

Fresh fennel is a very refreshing treat, also high on the list. I use fennel seeds as my go to seasoning as well as chewing some seeds to freshen my breath after meals.
Green tea, licorice tea, and spearmint tea are great to add to the list.


The growing season is upon us, so why not plant some NBE Herbs, yourself!

I'm a backyard vegetable gardener, and I routinely grow Red Clover as a nitrogen fixing cover crop. Grabbing a handful of fresh RC every day is definitely a sweet treat!

Also, I keep a large clay pot of Spearmint growing, too. It is an anti-androgen, and nothing beats fresh grown herbs.

So if you like to grow basil, rosemary, etc. to spruce-up your summer meals, get a starter plant of spearmint at the garden center for some home grown NBE Herbs!

Shop for herbs and other supplements on Amazon

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Shop for herbs and other supplements on Amazon

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