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So, first off, I am a cis-girl and I know our bodies act a bit different but I'd like to share my herb program with y'all.

I have PCOS - well specifically adrenal PCOS which is a very pesky form and is related to stress and having your dumb adrenals in fight mode 24/7 basically  Dodgy so all the adrenal androgens are my #1 enemies to reach NBE currently. 

For this reason I take zinc 25mg during follicular phase and 200mg of green tea extract (with vitamin C) to reduce testosterone spikes.

I tried to follow what Lotus suggested as well, adding forskolin to the plan, but forskolin messes up my stomach quite a lot (stupid cAMP) so I had to give up.

I do take too fish oil, 400mg daily to help reduce the inflammation on my body (stress it can be a sign of inflammation too) 

and I take vitamin D and magnesium as well (prescribed) cause I have deficiency, lol. 

For herbs currently I only take 1/64 of Pueraria during follicular phase (this thing is pretty strong, it messed up my period cycle and I feel odd when I take it) for 12 days straight (3rd day of my period til day before of ovulation).

My plan is to try the topical route (Did any of you have success using breast creams? please let me know) since the skin can absorb up to 60% of what we put in. So a cream of estriol+estradiol with 2 drops of spearmint oil for the follicular phase and progesterone for the luteal phase. What do you think?

The thing about creams that's a hot topic here right now is DHEA and progesterone along with tiny drop of estrogel (estradiol) to go with it, also Lotus talked about adding topical anto androgen into it, but so far I've done only DHEA + PG + E2 and had fantastic success with it. Then again, DHEA is adaptogen and can do a whole lot, how would it react on cis fem hormone balance especially for one who has PCOS? This is a question I don't know answer to. What I do know that for me this combination has been amazing.

Before it I also did estriol cream on its own for a month and that too seemed helpful. I could see how combining estriol and estradiol topically could be helpful as elevated local estrogens in breast tissue is one of the things that can help grow a lot. (One of the things noted many women diagnosed with macromastia have along with list of other things.)

I think the topical route is really awesome idea and worth doing, just keep dosages moderate and it should work out fine. I can't say much about cycling it as I don't cycle stuff, my body is so weird it does that on its own do I want it or not. Big Grin

Sounds like you are looking for a cream like this one from Amazon. 
Bi-Est 5.0, --  contains 4mg Estriol and 1mg Estradiol per pump. Comes in lesser strengths too. $35

I have seen some references to this product on the "Synthetic Hormones" sub-forum about Bi-Est.
I wonder if Progesterone cream would be a good companion to this? 
I have never looked into this because I have reached my goal but if I were just starting out, or not getting results, I think this sounds like it has good potential.

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