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I was talking about the ones I tried, not everything on the market.... The point being, better to steer clear of ebay/amazon no brand stuff and go for the top shelf. Big Grin

No, problem...just want the OP to know that there are good brands out there. Can take a little research though, but yes, Ainterol is very good.

Hi LexiCD,
Welcome to the world of boobs and more Smile from up north west in rainy Manchester

(28-09-2023, 10:42 PM)BuddingB Wrote:  
(27-09-2023, 06:03 PM)HelloDiDi Wrote:  And go for Ainterol brand, its pretty much guaranteed quality on these things. Biovea brand seemed to be ok and everything else was garbage. Funny to talk about PM after several years since I did it.

Yes, Ainterol is good, but not everything out there is "garbage" either. Barlowe's worked well for me.

ohh thanks I will check this out xx

(02-10-2023, 10:39 AM)wee2er Wrote:  Hi LexiCD,
Welcome to the world of boobs and more Smile from up north west in rainy Manchester

Aww thank you! I briefly checked your threads. How is your progress? You have achieved B cup I see which is my max goal really Smile

Do you accept private messages? I’d love to chat about the program you used. Any tips welcome!

Ainterol hate me although I did review and say it is the real deal but was quite negative about delivery and lack of online support, yes they insulted me quite harshly for no apparent reason and banned me from their forum. So a hate, hate situation there, but on patches now sooooo dont need you.. No don't be abusive Drew. Yes their stuff is the real deal. Hate having to admit that but it is, can't stand those guys tho.

Hi. I have been on and off Ainterol PM for a few years but am determined to stick with it this time.

I have been taking 1000mg a day for 10 weeks,  plus 900mg SP and 1800mg FG.

Breast have put in growth spurt and nipples are permanently hard and sore to the touch. Any opinions on adding or reducing the SP/FG?

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