When does PM exit your system


I took PM (and a couple other things) for about 2 weeks and was surprised at how fast my breasts developed.  I stopped taking everything about a week ago but have noticed the breast tissue is still growing and fat is still being redistributed to my breasts (mostly just my left one).  Can anyone help me to understand how long it takes for PM or other estrogens to reverse the effects and discontinue development (I understand breast tissue is permanent)?

I would imagine that many individual factors apply. But I promise you two weeks of PM will not result in anything permanent and there is zero chance short term effects will be noticeable to the ordinary, unsuspecting eye.

Thanks for replying.  That's what I thought but I have a donut shape all behind my left areola.  There is an indentation behind the nipples.  Not really noticable to anyone but my wife.  It just looks like I gained weight in my upper chest.  I was taking some other things like bust bunny and black cohosh as well as birth control pills.  I was taking 3,000 mg of PM a day.

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