[split] Warning System


Eve, this is ridiculous to allow this hate to go unabated. The longer it continues, reflects poorly on this site.


I second this. Its not right... We can't let this go on. Its not the first time I'm being bullied to no end. The system is too slow like this.

I third it. It's not like a disagreement that got a little out of hand, that person is going out of their way to drag hate into this forum.

I am sorry y'all had to deal with them. That BS should never be tolerated and it is very unwelcoming.

I am going to fourth it. I read some of it on a pride post, the person was being rude and inconsiderate.

The thread in question is being reviewed and so it is currently unavailable.

Thank you, HelloDidi took a majority of the abuse, I hadn't looked at it since yesterday and when I saw what that guy was posting I felt really bad for her. However he was bashing anyone that made a comment.

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