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Do people notice your breast growth?


(25-03-2024, 03:36 PM)PerkyAcups Wrote:  I always wonder if people notice the breast growth. Or if they even notice the breasts at all. 

I stopped NBE before my breasts became as developed as many of.  I am very much a male staying male. I never wanted to get to the point I couldn't go topless.  

Although my breasts aren't all that big, I feel they are quite noticeable topless because of how they drape off my chest. It apparent it isn't a normal male chest because of the lack of muscle on the top.   Plus I do not have any chest hair or stomach hair, very smooth and pale really adds to the feminine look. 

Getting in a pool one day I saw my uncle do a double take and stare for moment with a funny expression on his face. I know he noticed.  My son asked one day if those were muscles.  

I think in my case many people notice.  I think most people, especially strangers don't think anything other than it kind of looks like he breasts and move on.  I used to have a very strong chest.  So I am sure my family and friends have noticed a change.  But they aren't going to directly come out tell me.  I imagine a few couples I know in private have discussed my chest looks very feminine. 

But, I don't think anyone would remotely suspect I did anything to cause me to have breasts.  I think they all would think it is age and hormones.
That would make sense... how old are you? Cos usually in males middle ages around 50-60 is when t levels drop significantly and keep dropping so it may seem normal to others if you're in those age ranges.

I had a friend not only notice my breasts, but commented on them.  

I spent Friday planting new grass in my yard.  It was hot and muddy. A friend popped over late in the day.  I was topless, sweaty and dirty. When he walked up close he pulled his hands up like he was blocking his view of my chest and said something and laughed.  

For the life of me I can't remember exactly what he said. Something like 'I didn't realize it was an R rated back yard' or 'I need some blinders to block that view'.  I am really frustrated I can't remember.  But the comment was clearly directed at my breasts.  

I knew he was coming over. I almost put a shirt on, but I was so dirty I didn't.  I was feeling a little anxious wondering if he would notice when he walked up and I just can't remember exactly what he said.  I replied, 'shit, I have been working my ass off today' as we walked down to the yard to see the progress.  I should have come up with something better to say.  

He only stayed about 10 minutes, but after that comment I felt my breasts were on full display standing in front of him talking. 

He is a guy who likes to joke around. He might have said that no matter what my chest looked like, but I have a feeling that's not the case.

That can be an uncomfortable situation for sure

I can imagine, well I've got small ones right now and indont really care what people think about them, inherent started anything yet so.... yeah, I'm just trying to save up enough money to buy all this stuff. But I can't imagine I'll Care either way, I've been stared at all through my 20s and had people in my face and had a couple of men try to take a pop at me because I'm tall. I'm 6 ft 9 btw and a size 15-16 shoe, so my breasts aren't what they're staring at.

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