Nipple and breast pumping?


I am wondering to increase the breast size, apart from using herbs (which im already doing). Should i be pumping and enlarging my nipples first of all? Then pumping the breast?

There is a section called "Breast Pumps and Massage" that has a lot of info on that and pictures. I have used a product called "supple nips" but I do not use it often. I have small breasts and I want to keep them small as I am not completely out. I do not want to have to hide them. If you "should" be pumping or using suction is a question that you will have to answer. I can only speak from what I read, but my guess is yes, it does cause enlargement that is permanent over time. Hope that helps.

My threads on my program show nipple cupping and breast vacuum cups. My devices are Noogleberry large cups and Snakebite kits. I had good results. My goal now is more sensitivity and new bras.

I've been using this device lately.  It's easier on nipples then constant vacuum from Supple Cups et al, and has variable speeds and frequencies...

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