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I love the wispy girly figure, but in reality, of course, I much more resemble the male frame.

If I went on HRT, over time, can this even change?

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Since there seems to be a lot of lurkers - I would like to try an experiment.

There is the idea of prayer, faith, positive energy in many different forms - and I think it works - especially with groups in agreement.

I've posted a rough idea of what I wish to "grow" towards.  Of course I will be doing what I can to make that happen - but I am asking you, the reader of this post to agree that my form be safely and steadily transformed to a living human female with the size, frame ratio, and aspects hinted by the drawing.

Just take a moment and agree that you would like to see my human form grow toward a live, human realization of the drawing.


I'll post a comparison as I am able.

(Yes, my starting form is unlikely  Tongue but that should make for a good demonstration, yes?)

Have you ever heard of Lynn McTaggart? She has a website and lots of youtube vids. She leads groups of people (usually 8) for healing others. That kid of sounds like what you are trying.

Are you taking any supplements? I take supplements and many of them are very healthy for you. There are lists of foods to eat for breast growth and the foods are very healthy too. I visualize what I want to look like when I meditate.

If you want someone to agree with you, I do.

Thank you!

I kind of wanted to try the opposite of someone else changing my mind - instead see if plural minds can change reality.  Kind of a "hacking the matrix" is this a simulation test.

But there is the side of just subconscious planning - if this is externalized like I've done here - then the execution of the plan becomes stronger.  I think this is happening with everyone who posts their progress on here to some extent.   They are subconsciously committing "to make good" on a sort of public contract.  In some ways this is dangerous!  For example, I think celebrities get locked in by that to a much greater extent - where the idea of them to other people becomes its own thing.

So it's likely subconsciously driven, but it will be interesting to see if there is a quantum element to it.

All that being said, the first night after posting this - I was sore - in specific places I did not expect: pelvis to knee and shoulder to elbow. 

So I'm going to post a slight revision: so if this were to continue, it might be less dramatic on height.


I have toyed with herbals in the past.   Recently, I've added broccoli to my diet.  I do drink matcha, but I'm considering taking the green tea extract. I haven't taken anything very consistently - so now is probably a good time to start.

I did watch a mid section of Lynn McTaggart's presentation, and I it does seem to be the same idea.

I'm not sure if its this "mutual intention" I've signed up for here, or my body negotiating against the change by offering a psychological compromise, but I might as well log it as an "effect".

I wanted these superficial changes so that I could possibly be a satisfying wife and a capable mother - but the new enlightenment I've had is realizing that this self-determination was motivated by a desire to experience unconditional love.  

Being a parent in order to experience unconditional love is not a healthy basis for doing so - and I can conjecture that its not a healthy basis for a romantic relationship either.

People who are already in the position to be wives and mothers that I was envying - can and do get this wrong.  My parents got this wrong, and I was trying to get to a place where I could get it wrong, too.  Sad
I know now, that all this is looking for unconditional love (being loved for no reason) - and what I thought would be a first step to achieving it (being loved for what you are) may not necessarily happen like I thought.

It doesn't help me with a physical change, but it does seem like a healthy mental realization (at least for me).

Well, one week later.

I think I actually gained weight around the middle, but maybe too early to tell.  I took measurements for the next attempt.

Image presentation might be too confusing?  Maybe I should just stick with before and after?

A couple of thinking "effects" from this exercise (all of them seem to be saying no):

1. Realized I was just looking for unconditional love and acceptance.
2. Maybe there are some things I shouldn't try to change - maybe I have the attributes and capabilities I do for some reason - maybe I should explore my strengths and leave these to those who already have strength in beauty.
3. Female is lovely from my current perspective - maybe I wouldn't find it so when the testosterone runs out.  Maybe I would be better off finding ways of expressing my appreciation from my current perspective instead of trying to conform myself.


Consistently (1 - 2 times a day):

WP (tea)
Green tea
Brewers yeast
Collagen (for hair growth, but man, it makes your body hair take off, yuck!)


Spearmint oil
RC (tea)
Massage with Aloe and trace amounts of Wild Yam.

Here are the measurements, but I do need some advice on what some good numbers might be for other parts of the "goal".
I centered the frame on the rib cage - and scaled down - so the goal looks to be going from 38" under-bust to a 32" under-bust. Which should suggest what the rest might be.
I'd love to hear some numbers from people more familiar with what's ideal.

HRT over a few years can change your body fat distribution, it will also effect muscle groups. Your hands and feet may change size, and you may loose hight.

Chances are your never going to look like a beach babe, but  with luck, you will loose some of the A-typical male looking frame. I am 61, by body shape is not much different than some if the cis females at work, around my age.

Thanks for the answer!

Little disappointed, since I was going for total bikini babe Tongue 

Not sure the "mutual intention" thing is working out quite right either.  Still taking all these supplements and this morning's wood was inexplicably bigger than anything I've ever experienced.  So either my hands (and body) are really getting smaller - or the herbal mix turned out to be male performance enhancement!

I'm probably going to have to take the broccoli thing more seriously and try DIM as a baseline - or maybe reconsider everything.

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