Time to say hello


Hello out there.

I am Chrissy from Austria, 40y old and I am relatively new to this forum.
Created my account this summer. Reading lots of postings and stories and reports from you.
Don't wanna be a stalker, and the topic kept my attention for months, so i decided to post about myself.

First of all thank you for creating such an amazing forum.
I was always interested in my female side. When I was younger and still single, it was mostly just sexual fantasy.
My girlfriend, soon to be wife, and I share some kinks. I am happily in chastity for her. She encouraged me to wear panties and bras and to take care of my body. That was always a fantasy and she makes it a little bit of reality for me. Really happy about our relationship. Feels like heaven for more than 2 years now.

However I (day)dream regularly about being more feminine. I desperately wish to have aa or a boobs. Just tiny little boobs. Not recognizable for others, but my wife and I, we know. Also I am 40y old now, if anyone recognizes a bigger chest volume it could easily be due to beginning age-induced gynecomastia.  I should mention, that I am really skinny. 170cm and 60kg. My wife often compliments me because of my thin girly body. She even told me that she and lots of other women are jealous about my body and girls clothes size.

My wife opened the door for me and I started wearing panties, waxing my hair, wearing bras and stuff like that. Thinking a lot about my sexuality and those stupid gender rules. Never felt like an alpha-male, but I don't want to transition into a woman. My wife and I, we enjoy my male body functions and want to keep it that way. I am totally fine being male. At the same time I fantasize about my femininity.

Can't someone invent a switch to change between male and female me. Rolleyes

Back to the topic.

I dream of having tiny breasts. Some permanent breast tissue, more sensitive nipples.
Congratulations to all the users that achieved there dream of having big breasts. I would be satisfied if I could fit my 80/85 A bras.
Makes me a bit sad to look down on me, see that beautiful bra around my chest, but even the big pads of the bra can't find enough breast tissue to form a tiny chest.
Found lots of information on NBE. Especially in the males staying male section.
As mentioned we enjoy our sexual interactions and all functions down there. ;-) Wanna keep it that way.

All that thoughts are confusing me. And at the same time, I am really scared, that I am thinking about all those things.
Asking myself continuously: Do you really want to buy some pm pills from the european ainterol webshop. Maybe some additional stuff preferably from amazon, but I haven't thought about it in detail? Not sure about it and about what. After all I don't wanna take a cocktail of different pills.

Really confused right now. I will continue exploring this website and maybe create a thread, if I decide to try NBE.
Glad, that I found that place with so many like-minded people.

Hugs, yours Chrissy.

Hello and welcome Chrissy. I'm a newbie with many questions as well. There is so much great info on here. Dive in and good luck. I know you'll find your answers here.


I'm very envious of having a wife who shares in such interests.  I can no longer imagine what directions I might have tried, had my wife been supportive as yours has been.  My wife in no way shares my kink/fetish/dual-naturedness, or whatever-you-call-it.  I toyed with breast-growing wishes, but opted against, for a variety of what I consider good reasons.

I did, on the other hand, allow such desires to lead me to a happy outcome that doesn't out me as a sissy, yet allows me to manifest my femininity fixation.  It has given me a teenager's body better even than what I had at 18, the wavy blonde mane to mid-back that I never dared grow for 60 years, a 27 inch waist, and health practices I would never have achieved had I not had the power of my feminine fixation to drive me.

After 8 years of this, I am probably more manly than ever before, and yet, like a switch, can look in a mirror and love what I see in feminine attributes.

Welcome! I too tend to relate to the male staying male section of the site and am thankful that this forum exists. I've good luck with pumping if you're up for considering that option. It's slow going, but I just like you, I really just wanted a bit of tissue to put in my bra. I too am pretty thin, and in the beginning I had nothing to see in that area. After pumping a few times a week for 5 months, I added a few inches to my bust. Now, I enjoy the feeling of tissue that moves separate from my frame, it's amazing! Now I just maintain by pumping once a week, or when I want to play with a C cup.
Cheers and good luck on your journey.

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