I hope everyone gets to enjoy a great meal with the company of loved ones today!

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Happy thanksgiving, to all who celebrate it. And to all who don't, hope you have a great day<3 maybe have some pie all the same.


Happy turkey day to you to stevenator and every one else

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all!  I hope that everyone has a wonderful day!

Today I have gratitude for my family, my health and all the good things around me. We live in a crazy changing world filled with anger and hate and I will not focus on that. I have much to be grateful for and will spend the day with loving relatives.


Who else wore a compression shirt
All. Day. Long.???

Ooof !!!

Must have felt nice to take it off

Yeah. That’s twice I’ve worn it recently and it’s a royal pain. I don’t hide myboobs when I’m out running around, but when I’m around close friends & family for hours at a time, then I’ll cancel things.

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