Best way to feminiize body, breasts and face but maintain my male performance


Good afternoon, 
  I am new to this idea and would like advice on the does and don'ts of trying to do this. I do not want to damage my ability to "perform " when intimate with my wife. She is aware of my dressing and she shares it with me and breasts are ok with her. I want to lose weight as well and i have seen taking right meds can help with this too. Again to be clear I want to be able to "perform" so I do not want to take anything that will cause that to happen. 
Thank you in advance ☺️ 

Welcome to BN.

I'm new here to and mostly on the same path as yourself. 
NBE is mostly a choose your own adventure. There's lots of options to go with for keeping manhood. It really depends on how big and fast you want to go. Remember your playing with horemones, the code that tells your body what to do. So there will be some trade offs.
If you go fast there will be shrinkage and importance. Some have done a cycle on and off for periods and were able to have function return, some times with a vengance. Every one is different so results will vary. Remember slow and steady wins the race. It can take months or years to get to an a cup.

The first and likely.most important thing is to be healthy before you start. Liver is key as it regulates horemones and detoxify your body allowing the estrogen to do its job.

Lots of good info here. I would start with the anti androgen and brest growing notes  threads. Then any thing written by lotus 

Good luck

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