Breast augmentation


(21-11-2022, 02:06 AM)jannet.duff Wrote:  Thought I would drop in a quick picture.

6 weeks post op tomorrow.
WOW Jannet. your breasts look perfect!
Just the right size and shape.
I bet you are over the moon when you roll over at night and find resistance to rolling all the way over!
I'm very happy for you and wish you many many happy days.

(21-11-2022, 03:10 AM)Stevenator_ Wrote:  How are you feeling? Tonight I was wondering about this procedure when they talk about a relaxing of the muscles, and a break-in period so to speak. I hope you didn’t have many difficulties.

I won't lie, the first few days are a little difficult. But I have not had any issues at all. I went over the muscle rather than under the muscle. My work involves some physical strength, I didn't want to loose anymore than I already have.

I'm very happy for you Jannet, I think you're breasts look awesome.  Smile

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