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Hi, I am currently taking contraceptive pill with Ethinylestradiol/Drospirenone. I have read that it is like spironolactone. I know it can be dangerous, has anyone else used or taken any for breast growth?

I have been taking PM and stuff but this has been going great. In two days I took 4 and will start taking 1 at a time in case it affects my health too much and down there.

Birth Control pills are not good to use .  Better bet is estradiol (estrogen) only.  Birth control pills contain other things besides estrogen which are not good for you  Estradiol can be obtained from offshore pharmacies like

Well is something. I think when i take all Ev and cypro, i Will see better results. In 3 months. I Will speak with my psychologist first and tell him i taking the pills.            

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