Dietary Supplement Listing Act of 2022


Just a heads up. There is a bill in the senate, S.4090, titled the Dietary supplements listing act of 2022. The draft legislation that would require premarket approval for dietary supplements. That would include vitamins, and other alternative supplements you and I take like PM, reishi, MSM, hops, ect. This bill if passed would require all FOOD supplements to go through the same tests as DRUGS. The outcome is then, no supplement company can afford the costs to do this and would go out of business. If they stay in business, the companies will pass the cost to the consumer.

My reading of the bill does not include a statement that the dietary supplement is tested like a drug.  
From the website "Natural Products Insider"--- Some of the required disclosures to FDA would include:
  • the proprietary name of the product and a statement of identity;

  • electronic copies of dietary supplement product labels; and

  • a list of the ingredients in the dietary supplement required to appear on the label under federal regulations, including, for example, the amount per serving of each listed ingredient, conditions of use, warnings and precautions, and statements concerning major food allergens.

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