Trying to Induce Breast Sag


I'm now a 36 D cup, but still very pert. I would love to droop & sag a bit, so that I really need a bra and can mould my shape a bit more.

Today, it happened a bit. I was wearing an open cup bra, which gave me a lot of boob projection.

I tightened my straps, then scooped myself out. I added water-filled nipple pumps to help me droop. I was displaying a lovely soft and wobbly breast.

I was in heaven feeling the effect of gravity on my boobs! But as time went by, my left breast started to ache, and my nipple dropped considerably. My bra strap started to dig in and I decided to go home, cradling my left breast to relieve the ache. 

I actually enjoyed the discomfort, as heavy breasts are my desire.

Once indoors, I stripped down to my bra and dropped my straps. My left breast was clearly hanging lower. 

I thought "can this be it?" and put myself on the electric breast pumps. As I write, I have been pumping for an hour, my nipples are massive, but both breasts are dry.

It would seem that pert breasts would be what most people want.  They usually try to stop their breasts from sagging.

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