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Progesterone Cream For Areola Enlargement

I've currently been on MTF HRT for 39 months, but have had mediocre breast growth--I'm also 69, so figure that has a lot to do with it.  After switching over to injections 15 months ago, actual breast and nipple growth have ramped up a bit, so there may be hope, yet...but I have tiny male-like areolas.

I have seen a few posts mentioning using P cream for areola growth, and some of them mention only applying it AROUND, not on the areolas--not quite sure I understand why, but...does this actually work to enlarge areolas?

I have P cream from Otokonoko Pharmacy which is 200 mg P4/pump, and I've been putting one pump on each breast daily for about three weeks, now--but haven't noticed any change at all...

I have at various times on and off taken P orally or rectally or both, in quantities from 100-600 mg, and haven't really noticed anything.

Any thoughts?



a lot of CIS females have small areolas.


(31-12-2021, 09:31 PM)thegirl1951 Wrote:

a lot of CIS females have small areolas.

And...I understand that, so...if that's how things are going to work out, I guess I'll be OK...

But, was hoping someone had ideas on increasing areola size--nipples are OK.



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