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awesome results!

Day 220

Seven and half months in today. I decided to post the timeline I'm making, I will update it once every month or two to show how things are going. The difference is just so out there, its amazing to have this kind of look back in time...

So my HRT, there's some things I might soon change.
1. Find out if its a waste to take cypro and progesterone at the same time, trying to phase our cypro seems to make me have some effects of rising T levels which is my sworn enemy, so I got to find out more.
2. Oral progesterone apparently have some benefit to it, I'm going to find out which one is really better, oral or up the rear.
3. Royal jelly, this stuff topically on areolas is something I'm going to put on a test.
4. restart caynne & ginseng & lemon tincture as I had ran out of the ingredients and will receive more in few days.
5. Religious wearing of supple nips, this has helped before and I'm sure it'll be helpful now, I just have to get a routine and find the point where its just good and doesn't cause blistering.

Some notes about the timeline, somewhere between -2 and -1 month, I started using PG cream quite often and it shows. between month 2 and 3 on HRT I started injections. At month 3 I got on higher dose of Cypro and started the caynne & ginseng tincture. Month 6 I started boron. Between month 6 and 7 I started progesterone. Every change has a correlating visual difference later down the road.

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