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Pumping and breast growth
Hi, everyone.
I wanted to find the answer on my own, I know it's been discussed here, but no luck on the search.
Maybe someone remembers?

Using a breast pump, as in lactation pump, will cause Prolactin increase. Does prolactin interfere with breast growth, though, if you're basically just starting out?

I have used hormones and PM in the past, but I want to develop more, and I want to pump as well...  Breast Pump, then a Noogleberry setup, probably using the breast pump for that, too - I'm not yet certain, but I have read that while you can do a steady state pump, like the Brava system used, you'll get further with a suction / release cycle.

I want to maximize breast volume as best I can, while I'm also losing weight. Taking a "nuclear" approach, of ordering supplements, and a pump, and exercising with a good diet, to make the greatest quantity of changes, as fast as possible.

Thank you for any suggestions or advice.

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