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[ Questions ] Which is the best Anti-androgen to take alongside PM

Been lurking since forever, and decide to ask this question because there's so many kind of anti androgen
i used saw palmetto and PM in the past, but i saw some people reccomending reishi mushroom
is saw palmetto weak AA compared to reishi mushroom

what is the best combination of AA to take alongside PM? because i have some success using PM.

White peony is a good option, as well as blocking T to DHT, it also upregulates T to E conversion.

I haven't tried white peony yet, and i'm confused as it seems like i hit some kind of wall by using just PM, been applying PM with oral consumption for around 2 years now. maybe it's time to step up the game, and try out things like Progesterone Cream or Bovine Ovary

Also thank you stevenator and janet duff for replying. Don't know how to post an image attachment and if someone can list things they try on when they hit walls on certain size/stage of breast development it would be really helpfull.


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