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Ainterol 69 Days Bustomizer Experience Log

Hello Everyone,

When i went looking for information on this new(er) spray from Ainterol, I could find very little on it. So i bought one and decided to share my use experience with it for anyone else to find. I keep this log primarily on Ainterol's forum but thought i would duplicate it here for people not on other forums. Cheers! Teri

October 9, 2020

<meta charset="utf-8">Hello Everyone,

I have been on PM capsules and PM cream along with a host of supplements and massage for about 8 years now. Currently i am on a maintenance of just the PM Breast Cream, Progesterone Cream and chi massage 2x a day or when i can.

I recently tried the X-R1 atomizer when the breast cream became unavailable due to Covid. I found it to make my nipples itch kind of the way they used to when i was actively trying to grow. This would seem to indicate that there is a higher concentration of PM in the X-R1 atomizer than in the cream. Not sure how much more but enough for me to feel a difference. I had to limit its use though due to a rash that forms after about a week or 2 of use. It goes away after a few days of stopping. I do not get a rash with the creams.

I have just received my order of 69 Days. Although i looked to see what the difference is between X-R1 and 69 Days, there is not much information out there and not many reviews. so I thought i would start one here. I will try to record my experiences here so that if anyone else wants to try, at least they'll have a little more information.

The bottles are of a similar design and size (both 50ml with a pump actuator). The color of the liquid is different with the 69 Days liquid being a little lighter and cloudier in color.

Ingredient wise, they appear to have the same basic ingredients with the difference being that in addition to everything X-R1 has, 69 Days also includes the following:

  • glycolipid
  • phospholipids

It should be noted that the one thing both the sprays contain that the cream does not is Panax Ginseng Extract. If my rash situation continues with 69 Days, i may be allergic to this ingredient.

I'll start using 69 Days soon and let you know my experience.



[note: Breast Nexum does not seem to allow photos to be posted. If the policy changes, then i will post the images that are supposed to go with these posts.]

<meta charset="utf-8">October 10, 2020

I think I will start today. Here is my baseline bust and underbust measurement.

[Underbust measurement - 37.5"

Bust measurement - 43"]

As noted, i have been on PM for about 5 years and may have reached my maximum size already. This is just to see how the product feels compared to the X-R1 atomizer that i have tried on and off for the last 3 months as well as see if i can get any incremental change with higher doses of PM.


<meta charset="utf-8">October 10, 2020

Took my first dose of 69 Days. There are definitely some differences in the formulation compared to X-R1.

X-R1 feels sticky when you apply it. It spreads easily enough on the skin, but your hands have this tacky sticky residue that easily washes off. X-R1 also has a definite smell to it. Sort of herby, not unpleasant, but definitely noticeable. It goes away once it is absorbed into the skin. At least i hope so. I can't quite get my nose to my boobs!

69 Days is not sticky. After you spray it on, it has a slightly viscous feel to it, almost like an oil, but there is no stickiness to the formulation. Also, there is no smell. There may be a slight scent when you are putting it on, but it goes away quickly and i can't smell anything from it.

I use two half way pumps on each breast and rub each one in with about 1/8 of a tsp of the PM breast cream on each breast. I know that's more PM but that was what i was doing before and i like how the cream makes my skin feel. I rub both in with a chi massage motion, 100 cycles. I then finish with a progesterone cream and chi massage, 200 cycles.

I'll repeat this later tonight.

I probably won't report back every day unless something happens. I will try to update every few days to once a week.


October 15, 2020

I have just restarted applying the 69Days spray starting last night.

I'm applying half a press of the spray two times per boob (to get more of the liquid over the surface) 2 times per day.

It definitely is less sticky than the X-R1 and there is less odor as well.

One thing i thought was odd was that usually by the second day, i start getting that itchy feeling in the nipples. That has not happened yet.  I'm going to assume that 69 Days has at least as much PM in it as X-R1 so this was unexpected. Could be the different formulation.

I will keep you updated.


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