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Loving What I Already Have

I registered for this website recently, interested in what you genetic males are up to... wishing to have larger breasts.  I didn't think I wanted larger breasts though gynecomastia which began when I was a teen and lowered testosterone as I've gotten older have given me breasts I never asked for.  Didn't I want more?

I've been reading about men who wear brassieres and have spent time on a couple of websites exploring the world of crossdressing.  I've done that intermittently over the years.  It sort of makes sense, having breasts/wanting larger breasts AND women's lingerie.  I haven't been interested in passing, but lingerie has always turned me on, whether I'm the person wearing it or not.  Out of that reading I decided to buy a few brassieres and see what that experience is all about.  Well, guess what?  I'm loving feeling my own breasts held in the cups of a brassiere.  In fact, I'm loving my breasts just the way they are... in a 42C minimizer brassiere.  When I hold them I have this fantasy of being with exactly the girl I wanted to be with when I was younger.   Somehow I find myself in this altered state, loving the feel of breasts in the silky material of an unpadded brassiere cup as though I'm a man, while feeling inside as though I AM that woman who is being caressed.  Perhaps this is where my fascination with pre-op transsexuals comes from.  I want to see it... I want to be it... feel it...

Alas, the diminished testosterone definitely diminishes my ardor for masturbating.  But the sensitivity of my nipples takes me to places I've never known before... delicious!  I'm definitely loving what I have... no herbs or hormones for me.

Hi Christy
Glad to hear a happy story right out of the box!
No drama, just happy!
Good on ya as they say

Thanks Bobbi.  Now the only question is how do I live this excitement?  It seems since the intention is not passing, which will never happen, this is pleasure I have only with myself and if I venture onto websites like this, with a few like minded people.  This morning I put on this delicate bright blue brassiere with thin lacy cups that hold my breasts.  Through a cotton tee it feels almost as though my breasts are naked though they are definitely lifted by the underwire cups.  The nipples get hard almost the instant my fingers touch them.  This is what awaits me in the morning, every morning, and once again I'm transported to an altered state.  Don't you want to touch my breasts, to cup them in your fingers, to tease the nipples yourself?  Ahh, the realm of fantasy awaits...  ALL because I have these delicious breasts.

In the immortal words of Dr. Frank N. Furter,

"Don't dream it,  be it."

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