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Could these lumps be breast buds (had them before I started PM)
I am still new to the group. Just starting out. I have spent several hours looking through topics and have learned a lot from everyone's experiences.  I started a month ago, but got nervous after a few days and stopped.  I am on day four this this time using PM cream and 2000MG of PM pills.  I really don't want breasts that are big and super noticeable.  Small perky A cups that hide well under my normal clothes.  I don't want to have to wear a bra.  

My profile picture is what I am starting with.  I used to think they were very masculine and probably were when I was lifting weights. If I am honest with myself I would say I have small breasts now, but I don't think if I had my shirt off people would be really notice or think I have breasts.  

Before I started PM I could feel a lump or knot in each breast. Could these be breast buds I have had all along?  If so could that speed up the progress?

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I don't know about the whole breast bud thing, but it looks like whatever you have going on is good to work with for your stated goal.

I was doing moderate weigh lifting and such before all of this and even the simple supplements used for that likely helped promote whatever progress I've made in the NBE/MBE regard.
I have never had much body hair. I have never had back hair or stomach hair. Just a little on my chest that looked funny if i didn't shave it. I wonder if i have a little higher estrogen levels that kept my body hair from devolping. Maybe that will help my breasts grow taking pm.

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