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Happy Noogler!
Hi All
Just a quick background, I have been trying NBE for almost 5 years. I tried them all, and PM was my best friend for a long time.
Sometime around Nov 2019 I stopped everything except massage with PC.
This past Thursday till now I have had private time and decided to Binge pump with the Noogleberry.
I started with 2 hour session Thursday afternoon, 1 1/2 hours Thursday night, and have been doing three 1 1/2 hour sessions each day.
Well just an hour ago I finished my noon session, and was AMAZED to see my breast well past the 1/2 mark on my large domes.
When i put my bralette back on I was over the top (literally and figuratively) to see boobage bubbling out of the cups.
They are so soft and full, I'm just blown away.
So If you have the time, I highly recommend Binge Noogling.
I think its the pumping again before the swelling of the previous session does away that is doing the trick. Now if I can make it stick, life will be wonderful


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