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16 month progress pic
Hi everyone

This forum was my go to when I started out on my trasition journey late 2016. It started with the idea of getting breasts using herbs, but as so often happens, I realised that I was in actual fact trans and subsequently switched to hormones. The information included here, the inspiration of seeing all of your progress pics, and the personal involvement of Shirazmn has been invaluable. Thank you to every one of you.

It has been an incredible journey so far, and after 16 months of hrt I have reached this point.

[Image: ps2qmq36xpi41.jpg?width=500&format=pjpg&...b245d0b1f1]
Remarkable Transition! 
You look very happy now!
You look fabulous! Very feminine. Congratulations.
Thank you. It's been quite an exciting journey.

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