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Facial exercises
Hey there,

So, some time ago I started some facial exercises and got some pretty great results with them. I'm going for an androgynous look and had these lines below the eyes and droopy cheeks, which are massive no-nos in this situation.

So I've been left wondering, is it just me or is this essential aspect of appearance "tuning" kind of under-emphasized on the nonbinary/genderfluid/etc community? I understand, though, that this is the kind of thing that may raise eyebrows, especially since you need time to get some results.

Anyway, for those interested, this is the exercise that made the most difference for me. Do check the video in spanish. Even if you don't understand it he will demonstrate the exercise.


Other than that, search on Youtube for exercises to lift your cheeks and use your best judgement. For sure, you need to study your face and determine what kind of exercises would suit you.

You will need to judge for yourself what may be snake oil or not. On my personal experience, Mr. Hagerty (on the link above) is a good source of information while you're starting.

Good luck!

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