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Recently started this journey and here is where I am at
I started BO on the first of this month after spending several hours reading many of your posts here. I am in my early 40's, in a good position in life (retired in my 30's). I am 5' 8" 145 lbs I have always had a little voice telling me I was in the wrong body. I have decided to get my feet wet and test the waters a little before taking the full plunge. To me BO seemed like a good start for me. 

I started with 1-2 tablets of Swansons the first 3 days. I took my first one a in the evening. Within a few hours of the first tablet I felt a tightness in my breast area. I took another first thing when I got up the next morning and by midday, I felt tingling all over my bust area. By the 4th day I was taking one in the morning and one a little before bed. My breast area continued to have a tingling feeling. 

Day 7 (2 tablets in the am, 1 in the PM) I noticed an enlargement in my areola from about 1/2" wide to nearly an inch as well as becoming much darker. My nipples tend to stay erect most of the time and have a stronger tingling feeling. Not quite burning but if it was much more intense I feel it would be a burning sensation. 

Day 10 (BO 2 x am/2 x pm + 1 Swansons multigrandular for women) I noticed my nipple and areola stick out about an inch now (completely flat chested prior)I have a half a golf ball sized area behind my nipples that is becoming denser each day, my nipples have nearly doubled in size and starting to also notice the lubricating glands (3-4 so far) per nipple always being viable. Never noticed those before.

Day 12 (decided 2 BO + 1 MG when I wake up, then if my chest stops tingling for more than 4 hours to take another BO. Going for the listen to my body approach) Started noticing fat collecting all over the "female" breast area about 6" wide and 4 1/2" tall on my chest. Also started developing small fat deposits under my armpits as well. Skins feels softer, but may be nothing since I decided to start shaving excess body hair. (what a pain in the  to maintain, I catch myself shaving 2-3 times a day to remove stubble. think maybe Nair or IPL maybe). Also noticed my face has been being very oily.

Day 14 (2-4 BO per day + 1 MG) more fat collecting in the areas mention above. Have been talking with my neighbor about these changes, we walk/exercise 4-5 times a week. My neighbor remarked that she can see the changes starting and noticing the breast growth happening through my T-shirt. Embarrassing-YES, but God bless her, she is a retired RN and has really helped me understand this and been very supportive. Not only her but several other close friends who I felt would not understand, surprisingly have. I really feel a good support system is key.

Day 16 (2-4 BO per day + 1 MG) Breast area continues collecting more fat and becoming  firmer. I can cup my breast area and have close to a hand full on each breast. Just below my nipple area I can feel must more dense tissue forming, which I can only assume is the mammary glands starting to become active. While laying flat on my back, arms above my head. I have slightly less then half a tennis ball sized dome on each side of my chest. My neighbor also asked what the heck I was using because she wants to try it now! 

So from what I gathered this was not supposed to do anything physical for about another 3-6 months. This is going really fast right now and I am excited, however I am sure things are going to slow down at some point which I have been mentally preparing myself for. I have noticed a significant lack of erections.  A close friend even tried to get me excited and it took a bit of work, much more than it normally would have for her. 

BO is for sure doing something for me and so far what I wanted it to. I have read it doesn't for some. Again it seems to be working faster than I expected from what I researched. I have not had any headaches or random pains as some others have claimed here and my blood pressure has remained normal as well as stable. Some of my female friends have stared helping me order some clothing, wigs, makeup, corset etc to help me start living as a female. I really think this is just as exciting for them, maybe even more so for a 2 of them. I mentioned it before but I feel a strong support system with truly meaningful and understanding people is key to this. I am pretty shy about all this still, and almost didn't post this.  I will add some pictures in time. Any advice and support from you all would be greatly appreciated as well. Nikki, Michelle and many others posts here have been very helpful with the start of this journey. 

-Moo (this handle had nothing to do with BO, I have used it for over 10 years online, but I guess it does now!)
Welcome aboard!  Hope you get all you can in your journey.

Thank you for the support catbeginner 

Day 20 update: (2-4 B.O + 1 MG) No real size changes, have a constant itching and an almost like your arm is a sleep feeling in my breast area and the underneath my nipples has been extremely tender. Breast tissue and especially the mammary gland areas feel more dense, Had a friend measure me at an under bust of 36 1/4" and bust measurement at a 38 1/2", waist at 34" hips at 36".

Have not noticed any fat gain on my thighs yet, however it is becoming slightly noticeable on my backside. 

I have had a feeling of being nauseated and bloated a few times. Neither of which lasted for more than a few hours. 

Two days ago I felt very tired and slept most of the day.

I have noticed a decline of appetite  and have lost about 6.3 lbs since the start. (picked up some fresh chicken breasts, eggs and turkey to make sure I am getting enough protein in my diet.)

No changes on the size of things down stairs, however it has not been stimulated by anything since my last update. 

My step sister noticed I had boobs starting tonight and had to feel them a few times to be sure and kept saying you have boobs, girl boobs over and over. It was funny and after a long talk and some explaining she seems okay with everything. She ribbed me a little bit and had a few laughs. We were close growing up and I think she has known all along.

Received some of the clothing, wigs and items we ordered. Women clothing sizes are apparently like playing the lotto I have learned. Been wearing them around the house some to get used to them and honestly it feels liberating. Wigs are not that bad to wear if you use a wig band (looks sort of like a headband if anyone reads this in the future and chooses to use a wig this is a must) to attach it and it will not come off. I also learned you need to get a good brush designed for them as well as the right conditioners and stuff. Tried on an open busted steel boned corset as well with the help of a friend tightening it up and good grief talk about a torture device, It took a little over 4 inches off my waist and I have not been able to wear it more than a few hours at a time yet. 

That pretty much sums up the past few days, If anything significant happens I will update for you all immediately. If not I will on day 30ish. 

I will close with a couple of questions- Has anyone else experienced an initial change rapidly like I have, or when your changes started, did they happen all at once? I have not seen anything posted stating this and it has me a little concerned. Also I have noticed a lot of you use a breast pump to encourage growth, I have read elsewhere they do nothing other than short term swelling,  I am thinking of maybe ordering one to try. I am a little torn due to what I have read elsewhere. If you do not feel comfortable posting here, feel free to DM me with advice, suggestions and your results if you would please.

Sounds like you're on a wonderful path with support to boot ,take pics for your self ,make a log to record changes if you have not already
Try lotions to use after Immediate hair removal,and remember if you feel your progress has reached a plateau consider a short break then re continue vs just taking more and more pills.best wishes for you and your girls
Moo - on the question of pumping I've gone from completely flat to A cup over quite a long period, using pumping only.  As you say some have done better than this.  But in my opinion, if you are having results from herbal/supplements, then you may not feel that pumping makes a big difference.
Best wishes, Ari
I went with a few girlfriends to get a fitted bra today. I would suggest a profession fitting for comfort. I am a 36A. The bra we decided on has detachable straps for wardrobe options as well as about a cm - 1/4" of padding in the front for comfort (feels like a gel to me) . It has an underwire but made of some sort of soft yet dense plastic again for comfort. I can't even tell I have it on. I have not even used the straps and worn it for about 6 hours now and it has neither slipped nor caused any discomfort. It was supposed to help conceal them a little more while in public but it made them more noticeable and shapely. I am going to try it for a few more days. I left my 5 o'clock chest stubble in this image so you know I am a male. 

michelle I have been keeping a daily log on my ipad. I have started using a vitamin E body lotion and I have been noticing my less irritation. I also purchased an electric razor to prevent razor burn and ingrown hair. I have to do it more often 2-3 times a day but worth it for me right now. Also I was thinking of taking a week break at the end the month to give my body a rest as well as see what if anything changes.

ariadne I went ahead and ordered a lower end one to test it out and it should arrive tomorrow. Thanks for the advice, From what I understand they encourage growth.

Remember this is padded about a cm to a 1/4 inch in the front, was supposed to help conceal them a little longer and a 36A in size. they usually want to lay to each side  So take that into account. If they don't grow anymore I am happy. I still did not expect such results

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Well I am going to end this tread, After these surprising results in just a short period. . I have began gathering information for medical services to begin HRT treatments in the near future. I intend to hang around and continue to observe all of your progress on your journey. I have found some invaluable information here and sure many others have as well. I just feel more comfortable having a professional monitor things on the rest of this journey I have started. I really do think this is my body letting the real me that has been trapped inside out after all this time, something on the genetic level.

I said I wanted to get my toes wet at the start of this thread, well looks like I slipped and fell in. Best of luck to all of you. I may add results on the HRT forum if you all would like once I get things set up and started!  

I will end on having others that truly support and understand you on this journey may be the most vital tool in our arsenal. I hope you all have those folks in your lives. 


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